Court Approved Portable Breathalyzer


Court Approved Portable Breathalyzer

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Custom-made utility products

Sobersense LLC provides you a small portable breathalyzer which gives accurate results in just 5 seconds. This breathalyzer is court approved alcohol tracking system which is affordable to fit in your budget. It connects with your phone which saves you all the trouble that may cause dealing with conventional complex reporting systems. It’s small and discreet design makes it easier to carry wherever you go. Just connect the device with your phone and blow, it’s that easy.

Featured highlights:

Easy to use
No false positives
Extremely affordable
Advanced micro check sensor technology
Compact and portable
Court admissible
Easy, One touch operation
Extra mouthpiece covers for sanitation purpose
Long battery life
  • Wellness equipment seller
  • Wellness industry
  • Affordable and reliable alcohol tracking system

The Requirement

Operating the business from a store comes with its own limitations. In spite of having the best product you can only influence a finite number of customers. Sobersense wanted to expand its network in order to give a hassle free alcohol tracking solution to more and more people irrespective of their location.

The Solution

The Eleganz IT has partnered with Sobersense to provide it a bigger platform that has simplified its challenges. From taking care of all the technicalities that comes in the way of online business to maintaining its position on search engines, Eleganz IT is helping Sobersense to run its work smoothly.

The Results

With each day passing Sobersense is making its presence more powerful on internet and widening its network. The constant efforts of our team members along with the Sobersense has resulted in excellent growth of its business. With a great product and the right approach to the market with Eleganz IT, Sobersense has become a success.

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